Garnier marketing strategy

The brand have two sub-brands: Over 35, UK health and beauty consumers responded to the survey — providing data from more than 1 in 10 women on our base, which provided a robust and significant sample.

According to press release, the oil will work within to strengthen the hair and shampoo will clean the hair. Create a website and publicize it. Multi layered distribution network. Nirma A low cost branded detergent offering high value for money People who want to wash clothes Raw materials from local suppliers.

To attract the attention of trendy and young generation it also engaged Bollywood celebrity Kareena Kapoor in its advertisements in India. The brand is also sending a message that Indian consumers are also influenced by rational messages and product innovations rather than mindless emotional blah-blahs.

Then, we sent out our first relationship piece — a 'handbag' Fig. The brand is amass market brand from Loreal which has a range of global premium personal care brands like Maybelline, Ralph Lauren. Fructis is an interesting sub-brand which has clicked in the Indian market because of its positioning as a fruit based product.

Garnier came to India with its Ultra Duox range of shampoos. She was delighted that such an idea being implemented in the real marketing world. When the consumer sees regular new product flow from the brand, it creates a sense of excitement with in the consumer, which will prompt her to stick to this brand.

And since these two products are supposed to work against each other and time factor prevents them from using both, Garnier has thought of a plan to integrate north-pole and south-pole together.

The brand is an example of the success of rational product based advertising success. There is the overarching theme of environmentalism, where Garnier invites us as their guests into a greener world.

Marketing Strategy of Garnier

As such, we can see that these rather empty appeals to a greener world work to build brand value rather than bolster a true cause-related marketing campaign. Garnier Fructis and Garnier Ultra Doux. Defining business arena and competitive terrain:. What is a Push Strategy in Marketing.

What is environment analysis for marketing strategy?

This covers the distribution strategy in the marketing mix of Garnier. Set up professional profiles on social media. The dull, black and white backgrounds parallel the notion that other shampoos will leave your hair feeling limp and lifeless.

This strategically-planned approach would allow us to capture and apply learnings, communicate more effectively with consumers, and ultimately build the brand image.

Garnier consists of three types of products i. There were significant upward shifts on the following perceptions: There are a number of different marketing strategies that Coca Colauses to sell their products.

The other three segments in Urban India are showing negative growth. It would allow us to prioritise our resources and deepen our understanding of our consumers — so we could deliver the right communications to the right people.

Garnier Fructis and Garnier Ultra Doux. Our objectives for the programme were: Brand follows usual distribution system starting from manufacturer to whole seller to retailer. Here the very rich segment is expected to grow at A strategy based on product innovation works best for a brand like Garnier.

Garnier sets premium prices for its high end products targeted for upper middle and rich class of its consumers which makes its niche market for Garnier. High demand for cosmetics in the modern world has led Garnier hold its position in the market.

Marketing Strategy of Garnier

Higher cost of labour. You need research to predict outcomes of marketing efforts. MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1 PRESENTATION. BRAND DOSSIER OF “GARNIER FRUCTIS” AGENDA Introduction to Garnier Brand Positioning and Repositioning Strategies Adopted Advertising Sales Promotion Segmentation Distribution Strategy Tackling Competition SWOT Analysis Market Research Analysis Net Take Away Recommendation5/5(1).

Garnier is a massive name in the personal care industry and is known for its good products and availability.

Garnier Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

Here is the Marketing mix of Garnier shows how the products belong to the skincare under Nutritioniste and hair care regime under Fructis line targeted for different types of skin and hair.

Garnier Fructis Marketing Communication Strategy Introduced inGarnier Fructis was L’Oreal’s answer to major competitors such as Unilever and P&G’s mass-market products. Garnier Fructis entered the hair care market with its sleek and bright green bottles of extra creamy shampoo that smelled like fruits and was infused with natural.

Marketing Mix of Garnier analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Garnier marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

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Jun 25,  · Marketing Strategy of Garnier - December 7th, This is a brand that came to India in and crafted a special place for itself in the Indian is one global brand which has understood the dynamics of Indian market.

Garnier marketing strategy
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